FREE Online Ordering System For Restaurants, Bars, And Foodtrucks

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Increase your sales by offering your customers the ordering path of least resistance. When it comes to online ordering systems for restaurants, bars, and foodtrucks, there is no other E-Commerce system that runs on any platform (IOS, Android,Windows) or device (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop). Your food truck or restaurant can be up-and-running in a matter of minutes! We offer full functionality to accept online orders and charge customers via your own merchant account.

Ordergrub is not only changing the way food businesses get orders, but also changing the number of simultaneous orders placed.

Traditional line system is slow. One order every 3 minutes? With OrderGrub you can take 100 orders in 1 minute.

Fully functional in minutes!

ordergrub app

Intuitive Menu Design

Simple and easy to follow clickable menu will make ordering easy and fun for your customers.

Convenient Order Scheduling

Allows customers to place pickup orders within your business hours only. You will be able to set your schedule and add "blackout" dates as needed (i.e. holidays).

We handle your customer's orders in challenging COVID-19 times!

From the moment you start accepting online orders, your customers will be able to order without having to wait in line during bad weather, short lunch times, or any factor that prevents them from placing an in-person order .  When their order is ready, they will get a text message notification to pick-up their order. Try it out.. Text "Menu" to (512) 955-5569 to see our working demo.

Try it

Text "Menu" to


Your customers will love the convenience

No Mistaken Orders.

Mistaken orders will be a thing of the past. Staff members will be able to focus on delivering top-notch service.

Features Included

Accept Online Orders
OrderGrub allows your customer to quickly order from his or her phone and send the order directly to the chef, from any location, in real time.
Order Tracking
OrderGrub allows your customer to track his or her order status as it's being prepared. Customers absolutely love this feature.
Unlimited Orders
Receive unlimited orders for one low price of $0 per month. OrderGrub will undoubtedly improve your business processes and your bottom line, putting more money in your pocket.
Using your own delivery team set your delivery radius so it automatically filters orders outside your delivery area. Include both paid areas and free delivery area (radius)
Cost Offsetting
You can set additional fees to be collected on your behalf.
Order Throttling
A popular feature that limits the number of orders going through at any time. This will prevent from getting more orders than you can handle on a busy day.
Order Scheduling
Receive orders in your sleep! Your customers can place orders up to 30 days in advance and pick them up at their requested day and time.
Multiple Schedule Hours
Visit more than one location per day? You can show all your shifts with locations for a week in advance.
Incentivize sales by creating and offering coupons.
Dynamic Menus
Quickly create menus with different categories, upsells, and more. Then turn off items as needed.
Your Location On A Map
Customers will be able to find you on a map and get step-by-step directions on how to get there and how long it will take to arrive.
Automatic Transfers
Stripe automatically transfers your funds into your bank account. You can even request instantaneous transfers (subject to stripe rules).


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